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can't see image while getting texts - Asus zenfone 2

Just got my Koodo unlimited monthly talk & text plan with $2 add on for sending and receiving pics in texts without using the data part. tapping the image description in the text just brings up "Download" but doesn't show the image at all. I have looked on the net but all I see is the question without real answers. Is there on Option on the Asus I've missed to set? Right now I enabled wifi and disables data because the Koodo rep told me the $2 add-on works to show text images without a data plan.... what am I missing?
Thx all

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Hi James, The $2 add on blocks data use from all other apps, yet allows you to send and receive picture messages. You need to enable data to download or view pictures. Picture messages cannot be downloaded over Wi-Fi.
ok, so turning on data will just enable the text image add-on...then show text pics