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Can't save new contact !"?

Just got an LG-A341 phone and was entering first contact...gave display name, and everything else and then when I clicked on "save" is said "enter necessary item!" -- and it would not save even though everything was filled in !? What am I missing?

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contact tech support they are very helpful
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Sure sounds like something is not entirely right, Leon! I looked at the manual and it looks to me as if the steps to add contacts should be really easy; [b]To Open Address Book 1 From the home screen, press the Right Soft Key for Menu. 2 Select Address Book (1). 3 When you first access your Address Book, you will be asked if you want to sync your phone with SIM card’s Address Book. Press the Left Soft Key for Yes. 4 If you already have contacts on your phone, choose to keep or delete them before syncing. 5 Press the OK Key. [b]To Add Contacts 1 From the home screen, press the Right Soft Key for Menu. 2 Select Address Book (1) and choose Contact List (1). 3 Press the Right Soft Key for New. 4 Enter the contact’s information, and press the Right Soft Key for Save to save the contact. If you want to download the manual for yourself, here is the link: (it's from Telus but I would imagine the manual is the same...) http://www.telusmobility.com/en/BC/LG-A341/ (click download user guide)
Hi Sophia, appreciate your help...I think the problem is related to when I first went in to the address book it asked if I wanted to sync the phone, and because I didn't fully know what that meant, I said "no" which is the wrong answer according to the manual. I could go into setting and restore to factory settings I suppose? Do you think my sync reply might be the cause?
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Oops Leon, I completely missed your response, it's worth a try I guess. Make sure you have a backup/copy of all your contacts - though I guess you don't have any yet 🙂 Or did you get it sorted already?