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Can't restore service on my phone?!?!

I had an outstanding balance for a few months and my service got cancelled last month. 
I finally got my student loan money transferred (there was a confusion with documentation) and have paid the outstanding balance. During this time, I have not been able to use my phone because of the balance (no calls, texts, the works). 
I paid the balance 2 days ago and I called yesterday with a friends phone to get my service restored. The rep said that it usually takes 24 hours and therefore I have to wait. 
I just checked in Self Serve, however, and my payment has been received and I have no outstanding balances. My service is not restored and I have no way of calling since my phone will not even allow me to call *611. 
What to do??  (and yes, I have tried turning my phone on and off multiple times). 

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Hello Kybee.

If the problem doesn't get solved by itself, message Koodo @ www.m.me/Koodo. They will solve your problem.