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Can't resolve stupid Issue! 7UC1 Not activated on network.

  • 16 February 2016
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I don't think any of my texts are going through - aswell as my calls. Everytime I try to make a call it says "7UC1 Your phone is not activated to the network." And it tells to me to call self service. I can't log in to self service or call because I dont the username or password my mom set my phone up with. I can't call 611 because I don't know the pin, and because of this I can't reset it with self service. Im at a dead end and I'm getting very annoyed with koodo. I never use to have these issues with Virgin Mobile when i was with them in the past. Please help. UPDATE. Ive been trying to resolve this ridiculous issue and noticed that someone gave advice to turn on and off airplane mode and I should be able to call again. After doing this I attempted to call someone and it wouldnt even tell me the regular message it not pops up and just shows a text box saying not connected to network and instantly ends the call. It is also doing this with 611 and even if I did have the information like my pin, which i dont, I still wouldnt be able to resolve this issue. Im very unhappy with koodo.

3 replies

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I'd suggest you get the login credentials from your Mom. At the moment, as far as Koodo is concerned, it is (legally) her phone and account, as she set it up. Once you get things straightened out, transfer all the information so it is in your name, and you can fully manage your account.

If she can't remember the credentials for the account, both of you should call Koodo from another phone, and go through the steps to access the account and change ownership.
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my first thought would be you SIM card has failed.  You will however need to log in credentials to update the SIM info either through self server or through 611.  Either way you will need to get a hold of the account holder to fix this issue
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Hey Kira,

Are you still experiencing issues with your phone? Please let us know.