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Can't register to network

My Nexus 5 all of sudden can't register to cellular network. So I tested my sim card to friends phone and it works as it should. I tested his sim card to my Nexus 5 and it works! I am all confused, I even did a factory reset to my phone. I even wasted money on a new sim card too. Still does work. Koodo kiosk I went to didn't even have a demo or sample phone to test sim card, poor service. Any help would be appreciated before I go on spend money on a new phone.

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Hi xxgg,

1)   Verify your phone’s APN settings by using the following Koodo website’s information: http://help.koodomobile.com/plans-add-ons-data-and-other-services/data-basics/how-do-i-setup-data-on-my-non-koodo-phone If it is still not working for you, keep reading
2)   Verify if the phone has any available updates, sometimes there might be a bug that causes this kind of issue that is fixed in an update.

UPDATE: After calling Koodo 3 times or so... I was told that my phone has been reported as stolen or lost. Which is false or error made by someone else? Because I have the phone in my hands. On top of that Koodo tells me there is duplicate IMEI in the system when they looked it up. Now Koodo tells me I need to call Google to get it sorted out because Ib bought the phone directly from Google. Called up Google and support can't figure it out right away. Now I don't know how this reporting of stolen/lost system work bit how come sim card from other carrier work on this phone and my sim card work on other phone??? If the phone is reported, my friends sim card should not work too, no? Why only my Koodo sim card don't work? This really sucks, I should just go buy a cheap phone while this get looked into by Google as they will follow up with me via email.
xxgg wrote:

UPDATE: After calling Koodo 3 times or so... I was told that my phone has been reported as stole...

So what is my option? Also if blacklist it should not work with any sim card? Right? But it worked with my friends Fido sim. What do you think? One more thing, only the carrier that placed the device on blacklist can take it off the list??
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Was the phone ever successfully activated with Koodo using that current SIM? Or did you take a previously good SIM out of your older phone and pop it into the phone with the ¿¿¿bogus IMei???
I have been using this phone with Koodo for many months, it just happened outbof nowhere.

I have gave the IMEI number displayed on the phone to Google, so they can compare to my original shipment order. Apparently they need to contact shipment depart to get that info. Oh I am tired now, gonna get me a moto e for now. Funny how Telus Moto E is cheaper than Koodo