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Can't register microSIM card

I bought a microSIM card a few months ago to use for a new phone. I decided not to use the new phone and continued with my old SIM card and phone (but kept the new SIM card). Now I'm using a new phone and wanted to use the microSIM card but I can't seem to register it through the self-serve site. Is the microSIM card useless now?

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No, as long as the SIM card was never activated then it should be fine until it's used. Make sure its the correct kind (postpaid or prepaid).
I had activated it when I was trying to use the new phone but switched back to my previous SIM and phone. So is the microSIM not working because I had it activated and had just used it for a day before switching back to my previous set up?
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Ah, yes. That is the problem. You can only reuse an old SIM card every 90 days. If it's been inactive for more than 90 days then you'll need to buy a new one.
Ah okay! Thanks for the help!