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KOODO I'VE HAD IT. I have been trying to set up a self serve for the past MONTH!!! whenever I do, it says my "manager needs to approve the account" I AM THE MANAGER ON THIS ACCOUNT. moreover, whenever I try to call you guys, it says i need a pin. when i enter the pin it says it is wrong but it is not! cannot wait to get out of this contract, worst customer service EVER!!

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Hello Shingai!
I can totally understand why you're frustrated right now after working to set up your self serve account for a month. If the pin on your account doesn't match the pin number that you have then customer service should have other ways of verifying who you are over the phone. If you still find calling in to be stressful you can always head over to your nearest Koodo shop with a valid piece of government issued photo id and one of the store reps would be happy to call on your behalf! Best of luck, and hope you have your self serve up and running soon!
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Hi Shingai,

You are getting the "manager needs to approve the account" message because you must have already created a self serve account. To fix this, you will need to contact Koodo for them to reset the self serve accounts for the phone. Since you don't know your pin, I would recommend you send them an email using this link. Calmly and politely explain that you need your self serve account reset as you had an issue registering. Once that is done, you will be able to change the PIN in your self serve account to avoid the service fee.