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Can't download self serve app to US based Android

I have an AT&T-based Samsung Galaxy S4 that I've recently unlocked and set-up with Koodo. Unfortunately, it seems Google Play still deems this phone as US-based and won't let me download the Self Serve app due to country restrictions. I'm still using the phone in the US on an ATT plan while I'm there, but will use my Koodo SIM most of the time. Is there a way to (at least temporarily) convince the phone and/or Google I'm in Canada so I can download the app? Thanks

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Hmm... I think it may be related to my method of payment in Google Wallet. Unless someone knows otherwise, that might be the issue.
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It's based not on the phone but how you set the phone up. Change your Google Play account to Canadian not American. I've had phones from all over the world and they all work with Koodo Self serve so just change the Google set up country to Canada and you'll be good.,
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It is indeed your cc causing the issue. I have two Google play accounts As. A result.