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Can't download a MMS on my samsung galaxy S2 without a data plan

Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with a plan that does not include data (only wifi). I tried downloading a picture that was sent to my phone via text messaging and I couldn't dowload it. It finally downloaded when I checked the data package but now I'll be charged 5$ because it's not in my plan. Any solution?

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Do you have unlimited messaging in your plan? If yes, that includes picture messages as well and you shouldn't be charged for it.
I do, hopefully it turns out OK ! Thanks 🙂
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You need to set up your APN using the method in the link below to be able to send MM'S without incurring any data costs on your Android device. Here's the link to the method http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/change_apn_to_disable_internet_while_enabling_mms_on_samsung_ace_2
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If the APN trick doesn't work, you should switch off your 3G Data until you're connected to a Wi-Fi network. That will ensure that any Apps that're updating in the background while you're on Wi-Fi won't be using the Mobile Data network to update - only the MMS will be.