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Can't connect to the kodoo network.

Hello koodo community. So i was registerd with kodoo before i went on vacation. i forgot to pause my monthly bill. i came back to a hefty unpaid bill, my line was cut off due to non payment. i got the bill payed and now i cant connect to the kodoo network. i checked if they recived my payment and they did. as my balance is now $0.00. Im getting this error when i try to connect: 'Can't connect to this network. Try again later.' i sent an email to koodo, just waiting for a reply, thought i should try the community while i wait for a response. Using a Samsung galaxy nexus.

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Try going in to the settings menu - more - mobile networks - then make sure it's not set to 2g or gsm only under preferred network type, thenggo down to Network Operators and click it and let it search for the available networks. It will display a list of the carriers it's found and out of that list choose Koodo. Before that though do you know how long your account was closed for being unpaid and overdue? If it was more than 90days thenyyou may just need a new SIM Card as that one may have been inactive for too long I'm not quite sure if that's considered the same as the SIM being deactivated or not
yeah 2g is unchecked, but yeah, it's been more than 90 days i think. Will just head to a koodo booth tomorrow and get a new sim then. Thnx m8.
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If you've been gone for more than 90 days without paying, your account may not be just suspended it might actually be cancelled. If that's what happened you'll have to contact Koodo to reactivate. You might even need to start a new account if it's been long enough.
Yup i think that was what the issue was. I got a new sim from kodoo and now i'm back online. Thnx for the help peoples.