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Can't connect to Koodo network with new Xperia Z3 Compact (UK version)

Activating a Sony Xperia Z3 on Koodo prepaid Hi all, I just purchased an unlocked Xperia Z3 compact from a UK vendor, but 2 days after going through the activation process online my phone still will not connect with the Koodo network. If I go to settings->network operators -> search mode is set to Automatic, and I can see a bunch of available networks (videotron, rogers, bell, koodo etc). Koodo is marked with a little 'home' symbol beside the network in the list of operators, so I assume the phone knows its supposed to connect to it. Even if I try to manually connect to either 3G or 4G Koodo network it fails, just says 'can't connect'. Any idea's on how to get this going?

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Make sure it's not set to gsm or 2g only
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Is your phone new?
Brand spanking new
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Try Restarting the device if you haven't already.
Which model is this? D5833, or D5803?
I don't know, but it was bought from a UK store. I got it going eventually, although I don't remember specifically what it was. I think I just kept playing with the connection settings and restarting it and at some point it connected. Great phone, battery is everything they promised it would be but very slippery which is bad if it slowly slides off a low table and the back shatters on the ground 😞