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Can't add $3 international long distance saver add-on to my account.

When I try to add the $3 international long distance saver add-on to my account, I get an error message saying: "Your plan is not eligible to be changed at this time." I want to call the US from Canada, soon. Other posts about this subject don't present a solution beyond getting Koodo staff to look into the problem.


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Do you have a plan or phone number from manitoba?

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If you are not in Manitoba and it's not working, there isn't much to do. Exudes clearing browser chance, trying another browser, etc but to call in. If it's not working then it's not working unfortunately.
Thanks, I'm in Ontario. I'll call in and see what Koodo says.
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No folks, Patrick doesn't have a Manitoba plan and looking at his account there should be no reason why this happens. We'll look into it, in the meantime Patrick, can you pls send us a private message on Facebook and we'll put it on for you. 
They fixed it over the phone. Apparently, Self Serve was having trouble today.
Thanks for your responses!