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Can someone explain the process of buying a phone online vs in store

I don't live close to a Koodoo so I was wondering if its better to buy a phone on here and choose your plan or go to a walmart or something? Pros of walmart: Usually the free.gift cards for signing up through them I just dont understand how I setup the paperwork side if it only wants my credit card? In Walmart they usually ask for a credit check as well dont they? This is my first phone upgrade in years 😮

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While purchasing online you will be asked for your credit card to not only pay for the phone or any other upfront fees but also to perform a credit check. If there are better deals at Wal-Mart, get it there. If there are better deals online, get it there. Not really any advantages or disadvantages to either. Purchasing online means you have to wait for your phone to be shipped though.
Awesome thank you 🙂