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Can Samsung Galaxy S5 notify me and let me choose whether to download and install software update?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 from the Koodo store, it comes with Android 4.4.2. Now I noticed there is a software update on the phone, updating Android to Lollipop. The file size is around 1GB. I have a 1GB plan and it will be a big problem if the 1GB software update came through the data plan. This would cause me to go over my 1GB data plan and I have no more data to use (not unless I pay for more data). Fortunately, for this update, I had mobile data turned off and have wifi turned on, the update came through the wifi. Is there a setting I can use to have the phone notify me of an update but do not download or install the update? I will then decide if I want to download and install the update.