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can samsung galaxy s3 be used on prepaid?

  • 23 August 2014
  • 4 replies

I want to buy a used phone that has a camera for selfies to work with my prepaid koodo. Does Samsung Galaxy or Iphone work?

4 replies

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Yes if you buy one outright. As far as I know the only place that can sell an iPhone outright is the Apple store. Other retailers might have the S3. Check a Koodo Kiosk.
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Hi there... You can definitely use you Samsung S3 with Koodo prepaid, as long as the phone is a Koodo phone or already unlocked when comes from a different carrier... If you are buying that phone online, make sure you check first if it works, since sometime phones that are reported lost/stolen are sold online...
Thanks looking to buy a phone on kijiji to do selfies
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