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Can my phone ship to a koodo store

Hello! I've been with koodo for a very long time now 🙂 almost 5 years... And i always went to koodo stores/kiosk to get new phones. But! Right now i am overseas and i want to open up a new line, and of course get a plan and add the galaxy s6 to pay on the tab... But my question is... Can i make koodo ship the phone to a koodo store or postpone it until i return? (march 31st) i really want to get advantage of the S6 offer and don't wanna risk losing it 😞 thank you guys!

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Hello Franco.

I don'T know the answer, but can't you ship it to a freind's house?
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Koodo will only ship to the address of record on the account. It is one of the fraud prevention steps they have implemented.