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Can LeEco Le S3 X626 be used in Koodo?

any body can tell me that Can LeEco Le S3 X626 be used in Koodo?

Cellular and wireless Supports 4G(FDD LTE) 3G(WCDMA) and 2G(GSM) networks
2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz ,CDMA BC0/1
3G  WCDMA: 850/900/1900/2100MHz CDMA EVDO BC0/1
4G FDD LTE:B3:1800/B1:2100/B7:2600MHz
4G TDD-LTE 2600/1900/2300/2500(Band38/39/40/41)

If 4G doesn't work perfectly on this phone, at least I can still make phone call?

Excuse my silly question. Thank you very much.


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Koodo use 850/1900 HSPA for talk, text. So this phone will work for making call and 3G.
Koodo use B4 LTE primarily (which your phone doesn't have) but the B7, 2, 5 are also in use in certain areas. So your phone LTE might work in some areas but not all.
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Allan wrote:

Koodo uses Band 7 for LTE-a in some areas so you may be able to take advantage of that as well.

I am in Greater Vancouver area, BC and just saw my G6 using band 7 LTE
Thank you very much, Asure123. it is very  clear.
have a nice day,