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Can I use older plan if I get a new phone?

  • 22 July 2015
  • 4 replies

I'm currently on an older plan that doesn't exist anymore as an option with my current phone.  I was wondering if I would be forced to upgrade to one of the current plans if I got a new phone, or if I would be able to continue using my old plan that isn't available anymore.  

4 replies

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As long as you're not using tab plus to upgrade, you can keep your plan.
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You might want to do some math. If you get a new phone on Tab, you'll be charged it on top of your plan. So it might be beneficial to switch if you make sure of that first. The new plans are all BYOD pricing.
Right now I'm on an older plan and only paying $20 per month (plus tax).  I'm using a Nexus S I got in 2011 (can you tell I don't like to spend money?) but it's getting a bit unreliable.  

Far as I can see the new plans start at $30 per month, and if I bought a phone on tab it would be on top of this, correct?  I was hoping to buy a newer phone (either on tab or out right) and be able to keep my plan.  Right now the plan I have does everything I need it to so I was hoping to avoid having to switch to a new plan. 

Sounds like it should be no problem though.  Thank you guys for the quick responses! 
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You can definitely keep your old $20 plan, but if your getting a phone on Tab it will bump up the cost while your Tab is getting paid off. So depending on what phone your getting you may be paying from $25-$35 a month until your Tab is paid off, then youd only be paying your $20 plan.