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Can I use my Galaxy Note 3 on the Koodo network?

I am thinking of bringing my Galaxy Note 3 over to Koodo from my current provider (with whom I am unhappy) but can I use it on the Koodo network?

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What's the model number of your s3? You'll find it under the battery.
Model number:  SM-N900W8...I think that's what it says...the print is so small!
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Hi Darin, yes you can use this device with Koodo and Koodo may even be able to unlock it for you (if it isn't unlocked already) if you're going to activate a new line.
Thanks! Not sure if it is unlocked...I'd be coming over from Wind Mobile. I was happy with them but for the past couple months I've been having service / signal issues...however, I would like to be back on an actual nation-wide carrier.