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Can I use a Koodo Samsung Galaxy S3 on Koodo PrePaid if I give it to my Mom?

  • 24 December 2015
  • 2 replies

I have a [b]Samsung Galaxy S3 (on Koodo Monthly) and I am going to upgrade to a Galaxy S6 Edge.  I want to give my mother my Galaxy S3 and use get her a Koodo Prepaid account because she won't need to use it as much as I do.  [b]Can she use Koodo PrePaid on a Galaxy S3 (that was purchased from Koodo for monthly) and have it work for making calls, sending texts and using some data for web browsing on Koodo?

´╗┐Thank You, in advance, for any assistance and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016!



2 replies

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Hey Jeff, great news any Koodo phone will work on prepaid or postpaid so your all good to go you'll just need to get the proper size prepaid SIM Card for the S3 and open an account for her and away she goes. Merry Christmas
Thanks so much, Paul!  That's fantastic news! 

That will certainly make her Christmas!! 

Cheers and all the best to you & yours!