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Can I use a 3g samsung gear s3 smartwatch with koodo?

I am thinking about purchasing a 3g enabled smart watch in the near future. Can I activate it on the koodo network and have it share my existing phone number so that I may text and make calls when I am not in range of my phone?

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Atm Koodo doesn't have a share number feature for smart devices as such. I'm not sure when / if the feature will come to Koodo. But you could get a separate sim card and line for it. Keep in mind that Koodo doesn't have data only plans so it would be more expensive than data only options offered by other carriers.
Thank you for your response. Smart Watches use eSIMs, not a sim card. Can Koodo handle that? Although frankly, having a second phone number to text and call from sounds like more of a pain in the ass than anything else, extra cost aside.  If Koodo cannot catch up soon, it may be time to find another provider that does offer number sharing plans.