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can i update my LG-P500h-V20a on android 2.3.3 to jelly bean or kit kat

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Not officially There are some Cyanogenmod flavors that will bring it to jellybean but that hardware is old single core 800mhz. You're not going to see drastic improvement.
what bo you mean by Cyanogenmod flavors. i know its old. i just want to give it a little kike
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You're going to have to root your device and learn how to install a custom recovery and a custom firmware like Cyanogenmod Check out XDA forums for more information. On how to do this. You may not like the results of your kick. Btw. I speak from experience.
ok...i am looking at all this...that's what i though i had to do am i better leaving it as is... or i am gonna have more problems then anything. thanks Chad for the kwik response