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can i unlock my koodo phone online?

my cousin gave me her old phone but problem is its locked to koodo so is it possible for me to unlock it online, i'd call customer support but i really don't have the time and patience to wait on the phone for an hour long. thanks 🙂

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R u a koodo client? Is she? Koodo will unlock I for clients for 35$ You can find cheaper on ebay or other sites
yes, she was a koodo client
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chelsea wrote:

yes, she was a koodo client

Is she now? Have her unlock it for you. But it might be cheaper to buy the code on a this party site like ebay or cellunlocker.net
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She would still have to be a current customer with an active self-serve account to do this.
Also online unlocks are only available for android phones.
If it's an iphone you will have to unlock over the phone regardless.