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Can I unlock my koodo android phone from another country?

I forgot to unlock my samsung galaxy SIII from Lebanon? I forgot to get it unlocked before I left, I still have the sim card but I switched to the seasonal hold plan.

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Yes you can! You'd have to call in to customer service to request the unlock code. A $50 charge would apply on your next months invoice.
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Is the phone from Lebanon or Koodo. The way it was worded is sort of confusing. Technically, if the phone is Koodo's, you can call Koodo to unlock it for you since the account is still active due to the seasonal hold. 647-788-4337 is the number you would call from another country. There is a $50 charge for Koodo to unlock it. Has the account be open for more than 90 days? Have the bills within the last 90 days been paid in full? Did you pay full price for the phone?