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Can I turn off the auto dial, contact list too sensitive to touch

I just got the Moto G. I set up my contacts but everytime I flip through the list, as lightly as possible, it will keep accidentally dialing someone..is there a way to stop the auto dial from contact list or make the screen less sensitive??? It doesn't seem to matter if I scroll from the left or right side.. What is the Accessibility Touch and Hold Delay option..? couldn't find anything in the instruction manual to describe, would this help?

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Only thing I can think of (my Moto G is at home/not near me to check) is you're maybe sliding too quickly/releasing your finger too quickly from the phone. There is no way to adjust sensitivity on current touch phones due to the changes in technology, making it pretty much unneeded.
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Hey Brenda! In addition to Jorden's answer, you may want to download a call confirmation to prevent your phone calling people directly like: - Call confirm: http://koo.do/PdD6Uq - Simple Call confirm : http://koo.do/1dOTJRL I hope this helps.
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I think I found the issue. Brenda, are you looking at your contacts in the People app or are you going into the Phone app? In the People app, you can scroll through the list like normal, clicking on them will bring up their info without calling them right away and you can edit their info from there too. If you're going into the Phone app and then looking at contacts in there, that list is designed to call someone immediately when you press them so that might be your issue. Please let us know.
Jonathan I wrote:

I think I found the issue. Brenda, are you looking at your contacts in the People app or are y...

when scrolling for numbers in the phone app which i dont have in my people app. I am always calling and dialing someone I touch. Is there any way I can scroll without dialing

Yes I was using the phone contact list I have discovered that I will need to use the people list as the phone list is too sensitive for me Thanks