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Can I suspend data only?

  • 12 May 2015
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I have one account Koodo account from which I manage phones for myself and my 3 kids (all teenagers). I've set the data limits on their phones and restricted most of their apps so they won't exceed the data available through their plans. Sometimes they'll change their settings max out their data doing something data intensive like falling asleep watching Youtube or streaming music :| Regardless, of how they waste their planned data allotment, I would like to know if it's possible to suspend data only for a given phone but retain the phone and SMS features.

5 replies

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What plan they have(how much data they have)? I have 2 kids and I check their usage regularly. I give them warning if it getting close to their limit. And if they went over their limit, they have to pay me(or reduce their allowance) for the overage. If you call Koodo, they can block data (data block add on) then you can remove it through self serve when a new billing cycle start. They can still access WiFi to use most apps but they can't use mms. It works for me this way 🙂
Thanks for your post - much appreciated. What you're describing would be ideal. Each kid has a different plan (it's complicated). I logged in to my Koodo account but couldn't find an option for the "data block add on". I'm guessing I'll have to call Koodo directly to get that added to my account. Just a couple last questions.... * Is it an expensive add on? * Do I have to get the add on for each phone plan? Thanks a bunch.
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Yes, you have to call Koodo to add "data block add on". *611 from your Koodo phone. It doesn't use your minutes. And "data block" is free. You can tell them which number you want add this add-on. I have 4lines for my family and only 1 line has data block on .
Much appreciated - thanks again Mayumi!
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Much appreciated - thanks again Mayumi!No problem 🙂