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can I set up wifi hotspot on moto g? I want to watch hockey game on my laptop while camping

I want to stream hockey game to my laptop so need hotspot for 4 hours at a time I'm using moto g

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Here's a video of how to set it up on your Moto G Motorola Moto G - How to setup portable hotspot: http://youtu.be/jGXQ9hoPwFE Keep in mind your going to be using a very large amount of data to stream a 4hr hockey game, I'm talking 2-3gb on average per game so it's gonna get pricey if you don't have that amount of data included in your plan.
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Yeah be careful, I watched the Canada/US olympic game on my iPad, and while the app advertised it used roughly a gig for 2 hours of viewing, the game was well over 3 gigs when all was said and done.