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can I send videos on my nexus 5?

I can't seem to send videos via text or even email them because it says the video is too large. Is there a way to toggle with the size of the videos or something because it doesn't seem to matter if the videos are 5 seconds, it still says 'too large'. It's annoying because while the video quality is great, I can't send any of my friends or family videos to their phones or emails!! I have a nexus 5.

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Try changing the quality down to its lowest.
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To keep your video quality high and length you wish your best to set up a cloud based service such as Google drive or Dropbox and then upload your videos to the cloud and share your cloud with your family that way there are no limits. Another option is to share over social media such as Facebook or Google plus. *keep in mind these use data so it's best to upload over a wifi connection *