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Can I return my phone?

I've been with Koodo for over 3 years and I decided that I should get a new phone to start University with the right foot. So I got a Moto G 3 gen for 0$ and +7$ in my balance with no bonus.gift. The next day I received an e-mail offering me a promotion to upgrade my phone with the bonus.gift. Can I take advantage of this promotion ?

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Hi Sebastien,

You are able to return your phone within 15 days of purchase. As for the bonus.gift, I am not sure if you will be able to or not, you will have to check with the rep at the koodo kiosk.
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If it has been within the 15 day return period and you decide to return it you should check out the new Moto X Play Koodo got today it's camera is much better especially in low light which I'm sure will be in many situations in university. It also has a massive battery that lasts 2 days with average use which is great for those nights you don't make it home to charge it up;-)