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Can I reactivate my phone if I still owe koodo's?

I currently owe koodo for my samsung phone I cancelled a while ago (more then 3 months) to try and pay off slowly but I'm in need of a phone with service so I was wondering if it were possible to reactive my samsung whislt still paying what I owe as well is that possible

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You can probably still use koodo prepaid services but in order to use monthly post paid service you'll need to pay back what you owe. And even then your credit may not qualify you for monthly service anymore. Prepaid is probably your best option.
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What do you mean by reactivate your phone? If you have payment worked out with Koodo, since usually you have to pay it all in your final bill when you leave, then there shouldn't be any issues with your phone itself. Do you want to get cell service with Koodo again? Or some other provider ?
I want to resume service on my phone with koodo's
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So, you canceled Koodo's service more than 3 month ago and you are not paying off your phone yet?  I don't think you can use their payment arrangements after you cancel the service.
Then, I don't think you can get your monthly service right away...

And, even if you want to use your phone with a prepaid service(or any other provider), you should check if your phone is blocked by the Koodo or not.

I would contact Koodo, then pay what you owe.  Then you might have your service back.