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Can I purchase a phone unlocked by Koodo without buying a plan?

I'm looking to purchase the HTC One M8 unlocked in the Ontario province. I want to get it completely unlocked so that it can be used with my current Rogers plan. The problem that i'm having is that I can't fully process the phone until i've selected a plan to go with it. Is there any way that I can buy a new unlocked cell phone from Koodo, without having to add in a plan to go with? I plan on buying the phone in store, if that helps. 

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Some stores might sell it outright, but a lot of them don't. If they do, there might be a $50 premium. It's best to call ahead and see if they will.

It also won't be unlocked. Pretty much all phones sold from the carriers in Canada are locked except for the Nexus series. You'll have to either pay $35 to have it done right away or use a cheaper third party like a reputable eBay seller or cellunlocker.net.
Jonathan I wrote:

Some stores might sell it outright, but a lot of them don't. If they do, there might be a $50 pre...

Alright. So would the final price be $435 plus tax if I wanted the phone completely unlocked? Or would I have to add an additional $50 off-the-plan charge to that $435 for a total of $485 plus tax? 
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The phone is $410, the unlock fee would be $35 (I don't recommend using Koodo for an Android unlock, try eBay or cellunlocker.net, it'll probably be cheaper) + tax. The $50 premium is on a store basis. So it's best to call and ask how much is it to buy the phone outright without activation and they'll give you the price there too.

I know Rogers doesn't sell the M8 anymore - and even if they did it would still have a high retail price - so I'm guessing you must have a sweet retention plan to go this route.