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Can i keep old number / contacts?

If I get a new koodo android phone with a med tab, and $39 plan, can I use the sim card from my current nokia to keep my number and contacts? will I need a code or anything to do this?

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You can keep your number and contacts! When you go to the kiosk to sign up for koodo you can ask the rep to port your number for you, you'll have to keep your current service active to do so. Afterwards you can sync your contact info to your gmail then when you sign into gmail on your new phone, assuming it's an android Ta da! All contacts will be there and you'll keep your old number. 🙂
hmmm... keeping the number seems fine. but my current phone is an old old nokia, not a smart phone. will I have to copy phone numbers manually?
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If there is any way to connect your old phone to a computer (like with a USB cable) then there may be a software program that will export all the contacts for you and then they can imported into your new phone, it’s sometimes even possible to do this with bluetooth. If you told us exactly what model of phone you have currently we could research this for you. I've rescued a lot of contact lists from older phones for people. And as you mentioned getting an Android, once you import the contacts into your Google account they magically appear on your Android phone, no cable or other connection necessary (except data or Wifi).
You can by pair them or USB on computer 🙂