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Can I have two phones with two different numbers under the same name with one bill

I own a moto g phone and the tab is payed and I want to buy an iPhone 7 with a tab but don't want to deativate my moto g phone I want too use one for home and one to go out

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Yes you can, I have 3 phones/phone numbers, one for me, my wife and my children. All comes on 1 bill
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Yes, you can buy a second phone on your payment account. Just ask at the store.
If you do not live in BC / AB you could also consider Koodo's Wireless Home Phone for your stay at home phone, and port your existing number to it.

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You can have 2nd phone with different number AND its own Tab and  plan.
It means your monthly bill will be : your current service(plan) + 2nd service(plan) with Tab fee for new phone.

Do you want to use the Moto G at home and use iPhone for everyday use?

Or, you can upgrade your phone to i7, and have a Koodo's wireless home phone which currently have great promo.

If  you just upgrade your phone to iPhone, you can keep your moto G to use it from time to time.
You just need to SIM swap through self serve.  Postpaid SIM will be deactivate after 90 days of non-use,so make sure you reactivate your SIM within 90 days.
This is jossie Isaac thank you for your answers is it true or false after I'm done paying my tab I can close my koodo account asking because if I get the second phone and want to close the moto g after a few months am I still in a contract or is there no contract besides paying off your tab
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once your tab is paid off, you have no more obligation to continue services with Koodo. you could cancel services and only pay the current charges for your plan. 🙂