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Can I exchange phone at any location

I just got a Moto G 3rd Gen today and now that I am home I have learned that it doesn't work with 5 ghz wifi. This isn't good for me and I would like to return it. I am wondering if I can return it at a different location than where I bought it, and also how do I know which locations have a replacement phone that I want? I am looking at the Nexus 5 pre-owned.

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You have to return it to where you purchased it.   See link for more info;
Also you will have a hard time finding a Nexus 5 pre owned anywhere.
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FYI,   the Alcatel idol 3 supports 5ghz Wi-Fi
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The Motorola Moto X Play supports 5g wifi and it's easily your best bang for the buck phone in Koodo's lineup and I highly recommend it, it's much better than the Alcatel Idol 3 and will get updates to the OS to newer versions of Android which it's unlikely the idol 3 will if Alcatel past track record is any indication.
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Definitely take the Moto X Play. The Nexus 5 is starting to show it's age (nearly 2 years now) so I'm not sure how much longer it will get updated.