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Can I edit the names attached to the phone #'s listed on my account?

I recently got a Galaxy S4 for my wife and we ended up using my name for the account contact. Now, a couple of months later I added a phone for myself on the same account, but as my name was already listed on her phone, I used her name for my phone. This was done at a kiosk and I assumed we could easily switch names later, but I don't see anyplace on self serve to make that change. Am I missing it or do I need to call to make that change?

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You would have to call in to make this kind of change. *611 from your Koodo phone. Tell them you want to change the subscriber name under each number 🙂
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The account holder that is the person inder whose name the account is will have to call customer service (*611 from your koodo phone or 1866-995-6636 from any other phone) and make a change in the name. Make sure you have your phone no and 4 to 6 digit security pin no ready to provide when asked for.