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Can I buy an unlocked phone and just swap mine out, but keep my plan?

I'm looking to upgrade my iPhone to an Android, which has a different SIM card size. Can I buy an unlocked phone, and just go to a Walmart or other Koodo dealer and get a new SIM, but have it all on the same plan? I saw the same question from a few years ago, but I wanted to confirm it again in case it doesn't work for whatever reason.



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You're exactly right.
Just buy a new sim and pop it in the new phone.
Then head over to self serve and change your sim card number to the new one.
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Yes except for the Walmart part. They won't sell you just a sim card (or at least here in our area they wont) All you need to do is visit a telus or Koodo retailer or kiosk and buy the right sim. You can change your service over to the new Sim via self serve.. Login.. Phone services.... Change phone Your old sim can be reactivated with the same number on the same account for up to 90days after you switch. I keep mine alive by switching them on and back now and then. Prepaid Sims are one time use so be aware.