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Can I be charged for long distance calls while in Europe I'm from Canara

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Hi Lily, If you didn't get any roaming add-ons, you will be charged the roaming rate every minute while in Europe. With the add-on or roaming rate, you can call any number in the country you are currently located in as well as any Canadian number without any further charges.
I am going on a cruise to Europe . I only have a text plan that allows me to input 75 texts. I can receive unlimited texts. My question is" Can I text back home to Canada while cruising on the ship in europe?. 
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Hey Lily! 

If you're going on a cruise, the roaming add-on will not work since you will be connected to a satellite network. Satellite network gets expensive very fast, so if the cruise ship offers Wi-Fi, it may be your safest and cheapest bet in order to stay in contact with your family. 

We hope you have an amazing trip! :) 
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Julie wrote:

Hey Lily! 

If you're going on a cruise, the roaming add-on will not work since you will be ...

"While cruising on the ship IN Europe"
If on a river cruise, you will likely be able to connect to the local cellular network throughout most of your journey.  If cruising the northern Mediterranean or the Baltic, You may only have access to terrestrial-based cellular services while in port.

If you are going on a cruise TO Europe i.e. a trans-Atlantic trip, then you would need to purchase expensive services from the cruise line.

And remember, a text is 140 characters. If longer, it will be split into multiple messages, and then sent, using your allotment faster than you thought.

You could use email in any of the numerous Internet cafes while in Europe at no cost at all.
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Your text plan will work while you are in ports of call, where there is regular cell phone service.

If it's a river cruise, you may be connected more often than if you were on an ocean cruise, since you will be much closer to terrestrial cell phone service and not at the mercy of the open seas providers.