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Can I add on to an old plan with both calling minutes (possibly unlimited) & add data also.

  we have a $20 plan with unlimited texting, 
Unlimited Text and Picture Messaging
      -25 Canada-wide anytime minutes
  • Call Display
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling
  • Call Waiting and Conference Calling
  • Unlimited Weekends (Friday 9pm to Monday morning 8am)
  • Messagerie texte et photo illimitée
  • it also includes "5 essentials"  which we still need to make use of.
I am wondering if we can keep this plan but add more calls (possibly unlimited in Canada, or in province?) and also add a data plan?  My daughter wants to switch providers, but I'm hoping we can make this work & stick c the family plan/calling?  If so, how much would it be?  Hoping we can still add the "5 essentials" & then may only need 500 minutes vs unlimited.  Also needing to find out how to add the 5 essentials as we've missed doing this unfortunately & would have saved many overages!


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You can add unmixed calling as an option in add-oms but there are no data addons for plans to just add. You would be better off getting a new plan instead. 40 for unlimited talk and text or 40 for 1gb and 500 min.
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You should be able to add the unlimited incoming or unlimited calling add-ons but it would be much better to just chose from one of the new plans. $30 100min, unlimited texting, 100MB $40 unlimited min, unlimited texting New plans come with unlimited calling after 5pm. Also you could look into prepaid. $15 unlimited texting and then get talk boosters.