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Camera warranty!

I've recently noticed that my camera isn't taking very good pictures. I carry my phone in a case all the time, but it somehow has been scuffed on the rear-facing camera. I'm wondering if it is worth taking in to Koodo to see if I can get it looked at or replaced under warranty? I'm sure the blame will be put on me, which I'm sure it actually is, but will I be able to fix this based on the warranty?

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Warranty doesn't cover physical damages so if there is any physical damage on the camera of your phone, then Koodo cannot cover that with warranty.
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You may be able to visit your local Koodo kiosk and have them send it for repair. As John stated it won't be covered under warranty so you would be charged for the repair but at least you can get it fixed.
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Depending on how old your phone is, it may be better to just get a new phone. Any kind of repairs will be over $100