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camera htc one m8

the camera on my htc one m8 is not working.  i have contacted htc support and they have done everything they can.

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If it's under one year old and purchased from Koodo, then it has a warranty on it and you can have it shipped out for servicing for free at a Koodo shop. Make sure to backup anything important first, as they will factory reset the device when they get it. They can provide you with a loaner while you wait for it to come back (if there's stock available). If it's over one year old, your only options are to fix it at a local repair shop or buy a new phone.
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What is the exact issue your having with the camera on your M8?
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Hey Jason,

Did you recently update your HTC One M8 to Android Marshmallow by any chance? Can you use alternative camera apps such as Camu (http://koo.do/1Wckxwx) or Line Camera (http://koo.do/20JyQiK).

Keep us posted!