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Calling Back Blocked Numbers?

  • 23 July 2014
  • 2 replies

I've gotten a call from a private number a few times, and recently did a search to see if it's possible to return such a call. Articles suggested dialling *67, *69, *57, etc. which will apparently call back the most recent call. Does the following also stand for Koodo in Ontario?

2 replies

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I'm sorry you can't call back if people are blocked there phone number only 911 find out best for you www.fongo.com this is not best service but helps you to conrole even with fongo if it block you can call back but you get free caller ID free voice mail free many more??
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No. I don't know if this applies for blocked numbers but using this service will cost you money and it will dial to the last number you received a call from. But I tell you once again that I don't know if this applies to blocked or private numbers.