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Callers Echo S7 Edge

Hi fellas,
I have an issue with my S7 Edge after I got it fixed for my cracked screen. On Callers' end, they hear their voices as echo, but not on my end. And when I use my headphones, that doesn't look like happening. Is it possible that the guy who fixed the phone did something wrong? Or is it because I dropped it when I got the crack?
Any help would be appreciated.


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Try turning your volume down, or take it off speaker phone, etc. Usually echo occurs when the volume is too loud and gets picked up by your mic.
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It's possible the mic was damaged from the impact of the fall. If you try and record audio with an audio recording app, does it sound ok? If it does, then it's not the mic that's the issue. If it sounds bad or echoes, then the mic may have been damaged, either from the fall or from the repair.