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Called Monday night to upgrade my plan to the promo $60 10GB plan, was promised a callback, but nothing a week later

I'm still waiting for any kind of notification from Koodo, to let me know what is going on. Is this happening to anyone else? Should I be concerned?

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If you haven't heard back by now, I don't think that you will. You can send Koodo a private message via Facebook or Twitter to check the status.
Same thing happened to me on hold for hours and hours multiple agents still waiting from call back from loyalty, been a week agents are gold Koodo service is junk they should have expected it
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Hi there!

If you spoke to a customer service rep an they filled out a call back form, you will hear from Koodo soon, there are lots of records to dial and it could take up to 10 business days to receive a call back...

Happy Holidays!