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Buying LG G3

Hi, I am very interested in the LG G3 phone, I went to my local Koodo store and they did not have any available for Koodo prepaid. Is there anyway i can get the phone with the $100 bonus.gift online and stay with my prepaid service? Thanks

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Where do you live?I have one that I only used 3 ×
I live in Ontario
Brendan Landry wrote:

I live in Ontario

Ducks I'm in Vancouver
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The bonus.gift is for postpaid service with Tab activations only. You aren't eligible for it if you were to just buy the device outright for prepaid use anyway.

Koodo seems to have removed a lot of their devices from the prepaid lineup. I guess most people who use prepaid buy their devices outright from other sources.
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Wait a little, with Christmas right around the corner you may be able to find a good deal or an even better phone to make up for the fact you can't take advantage of the offers available to postpaid customers such as.gift cards. Either that or check out Kijiji in your area zi know there's quite a few G3's on there in my area so you might find a good deal from someone in your area as well.
Ok perfect. Thanks for the help!
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Good choice for a phone, when my Tab is a bit lower I'm upgrading to it