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buying a used phone from Craigslist

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been in the market for a new phone and thought I give Craigslist a try. there seems to be some pretty good deals, but my biggest concern is obviously fraud. you always hear stories about people who bought a stolen phone or phone that was blacklisted. is there anyway to prevent that? I'm reading now that an original receipt can be faked and won't help. I'm worried that if I bought a phone, checked to make sure it working with my sim, what happens if the seller or someone reports the phone as being stolen a week later?  what if I met the seller at a Koodo kiosk? can Koodo confirm the phone is legit and transfer the phones IMEI number to my name so no one else can blacklist the phone?

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The other part would have to transfer responsibility to you. That would include their line number and plan and I think any tab responsibility.

You can as for a transfer of ownership for a fee and then cancel their plan once all is done. That's a lot of hassle though.

Here are some guidelines I've learned. Thanks a lot to Ivan and Dennis and my own dealings.

Try to buy something that's been listed for a while. A few weeks or more is a good indication that the device belongs to the seller.

If you're meeting in a public place, meet inside. With a big crowd of people around you. Don't meet in the parking lot or by their car.

Get there first, ask what kind of car they drive and when they do arrive, try and take a note of the license plate

If you can, message them using their social media platform. Facebook works because you can see if the profile is active and has friends.

Some municipalities allow you to do the transaction at the police station lobby. That's the best place. Check with the local station to see. Someone who's going to rip you off probably won't want to trade there.

Check the imei before you buy. http://email.getsatisfaction.com/wf/c...

Good luck.
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Chad Burr wrote:

The other part would have to transfer responsibility to you. That would include their line numbe...

I would also add as a concern people trying to sell phones that are broken but hide what's wrong with them. I've seen friends get duped by some imaginative people. You want to bring your own SIM card as you already saidand test it out so it will connect to a network. You want to bring your own charger. Check for water damage. All of that. Be thorough.