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Buying a phone HELP!?

  • 11 December 2012
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I live in Kenora, Ontario and I am wondering if Koodo services my area and if it does will i have a local or long distance number? The coverage map is hard to tell being that we are a small town. Thanks! Also, we are in the coverage area for i believe tbay tel for their 4G HSPA+

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4 replies

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Koodo doesn't service your area but TbayTel does. http://loxcel.com/celltower
Looking at the coverage map, you are in a 4G area, so you shuold be fine. And any number is a local number with a Canada wide plan. I do know that Koodo has Kenora as one if it's markets so you should be ok.
There is a return policy on phones, so if you have no service where you are you can return the phone within a certain amount of days. I don't know about how good the service is in Kenora but you can ask your Koodo rep or a neutral dealer and they will be able to tell you. Most Koodo plans are Canada wide, so it doesn't matter what number you have, as long as you have a Canadian number, but you will be able to pick which city your number is from. You might not get to pick Kenora, but you can find a bigger city that is close to you to pick from.
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With a CDMA phone you should have no trouble, with HSPA you should be able to get service, but possibly not with a local number (at least not for data). That's always been the issue in Thunder Bay, at least.