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I want to buy a cellphone with koodo but I am with a different carrier. Is it possible for me to buy only the phone without the sim card or am I obligated to buy it as well ? I want to pay the full amount , unlock it and use my own sim card. Even if I have to buy the card and pay the first month can I just stop using it and don't pay it anymore ? Will they cancel the service ?

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If you want to purchase a phone without joining Koodo or being a Koodo customer, then you have to pay the prepaid prices on phones. Look under prepaid phones to see the pricing. You could sign up for a month and cancel the service to get the lower pricing. Its more complicated but it will work too
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Some stores might sell you the postpaid price without activation but with a $50 premium because the reps don't make any commission off it, as far as I know. It also only applies to specific phones and stores.