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Business model for free apps eg. UniqTec Tasks & Notes for MS

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I'm preparing to take the plunge and clobber the Carrier's Android with CyanogenMod, install AkrutoSync to sync with Outlook client on my laptop, and UniqTec's Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange (TNMSE) for its notes (which Android lacks a native app for: http://www.akruto.com/synchronize-outlook-apps). I noticed that TNMSE is free, as is a collection of apps from UniqTec. I tried to find out more about UniqTec so that I could understand the business model, and form an idea of how its evolution & support might unfold in the future. After all, I'm going to develop what I hope is a long term dependency on their app for how I organize and run my life. I've already emailed the contact provided, but I was wondering if anyone can contribute what they know/think? P.S. It's kind of ironic when you think about it. Here I am, playing the part of an old fogey (in the eyes of the current generation) who doesn't want to put his info on the cloud. Yet I'm perfectly willing to install multiple apps from companies that I don't know, not all even on domestic soil, to avoid cloud of big players. P.P.S. From what I've been able to find on business models for freeware, it's not all that encouraging. The revenue is either from your data or from ads. This makes what I thought was a bonus (free) a disadvantage. I suppose I will have to weight that in when comparing the paid versus free alternative to what resides on the Moto G that will sync with Outlook.

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You don't want to place your data in the cloud but you're okay with installing a third party rom? Not that it's not safe, but unless your going to dive into the source code, you have no idea where your data is going.
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It's free to a point.The short inscription below 'install' and 'add to wishlist' mentions 'in-app purchases'. One reviewer talks about paying five dollars, which in most cases, should get rid of the ads. Overall, the app appears to have a decent rating, but apps that are this involved are rarely free.
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@Chad: It was a decision between a Carrier variant of Android, which nobody has visiblity into, versus an open source version with the eyes of the world on it. I may never inspect the source code, but the chances that somebody has is greater than for a Carrier variant. Also, the stealth Carrier IQ app from years ago does not engender much confidence. @Rikkster: Yes, I saw that reference to 5 bucks, wasn't sure what to make of it. And I got the sense that some features weren't.free. Just trying to get better insight into it based on people who went down that road. And get an idea of any gotchas -- one sync alternative turned "bad" in a way that was openly reported (adware up the yin yang). Any such information can help me decide between the two altenatives at the smartphone end of Akruto. @all: Yes, it is ironic, how I've ended up trusing unknowns and not big carriers. Not sure if that 's wise, but what the hey, I've already voided my warranty.