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Budapest in 4 days- switch sim card or rely on WiFi???????

Travelling from Budapest through Belgrade and Mosar , Dubrovnik and Split and wondering if it is worth buying phone time for my Google Nexus 5 or just rely on public wifi

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Since you're traveling for a short period of time you may be better off with using WiFi. If need be for emergency purposes you should use your phone then. The Nexus 5 is good for using different networks since it is unlocked by factory. But in this instance you should just use WiFi. Hope that helps. 🙂
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Enjoy the trip (I'm from Sarajevo and am quite familiar with the region). You'll be visiting 4 countries so you'd actually need 4 local SIM cards. That may be a hassle unless you really need to stay connected. I don't know if it's worth it or not because I don't know how long you'll be there for (I don't know if you're leaving in 4 days or if you'll be spending 4 days there). But if you do, I recommend HT Eronet in Bosnia, Tele2 in Croatia, and Vip in Serbia. I haven't been to Hungary yet, but I'd still recommend Vodafone there based on my experience with Vodafone elsewhere.