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Broken phone

Hello Koodo ! My contract with you finish in July this year.This morning,I broke my phone and I can't use it anymore.It's been almost a year and a half I have it.Anyways,my question is since I can't do any screen repairs,what do I do now? Do I get a new phone? My budget is tight at the moment so I don't want to spend 1000$...

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You can visit a shop near you for repair....they'll give you a loaner and they'll give you an estimate of the cost to repair it. OR, use any tab you have, if you have one, towards a purchase of new phone
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If an estimate of the repair cost is too high, you can check your local repair shop too. If you decided to get a new phone, you will need to pay off your current tab(if any) then you can start new tab. You don't need to spend $1000 to get a new one 🙂 There are many good phones to choose from. What phone do you have now?
haah thanks ! I have a Nexus 4 . Like,thei nside of my phone is broken..So broken that when I plug my phone in my computer,there is no folders and data and stuffs